quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014


I was able to travel the country for five weeks, from the Tunisian to the Moroccan border. It was a very important trip for me because I experienced two things: firstly that my work was done, and secondly, a truly unsettling feeling of familiarity with places I’d never been, proximity with landscapes I’d never seen before. The ten years that had gone by had thus enabled me to reconnect and live with my Algerian family again, but was it also possible that I belonged to a country, a land? At the time, too exhausted by all this work, I didn’t have the energy to explore these new questions. It was at the start of 2009 that I decided to go back to work in Algeria to question and explore this feeling of belonging.

Eis a grande fotografia do franco-argelino Bruno Boudjelal, cujas paysages du départ são fluidas e ténues. O excerto desta entrevista ilumina o tom onírico e quase irreal da paisagem urbana. Vi as fotografias dele, há semanas, numa exposição sobre o próximo futuro. Foram-me extremamente úteis e lançaram novas pistas para um projeto em curso: chegar a casa é o tema.

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