sábado, 26 de novembro de 2022


Os banhos nas fotografias de Nan Goldin (n. 1953).

Um mundo intranquilo, a que o jornal "Público" deu, há dias, destaque.

Do terceiro volume das 1001 noites, e porque nem todos sabiam o que era um hammam...

[Abu Sir] went out into the street with the intention of taking a bath at the hammam to assuage his scars and wash away the taint of his long illness. He accosted a passer, saying: ‘My brother, what is the way to the hammam?’ ‘The hammam? What is a hammam?’ asked the man. Then said Abu Sir: ‘It is a place where one washes and removes the impurities and old skin of the body. It is the most delicious spot in all the world,’ ‘Go and bathe in the water of the sea,’ said the other, ‘that is where we take our baths.’ ‘It is a hammam bath that I wish,’ objected Abu Sir, and the man replied: ‘We do not know what you mean by a hammam. When we wish to take a bath, we go to the sea; even the King does so when he needs to wash.’

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