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A série data de 1975/1976. No original tinha como título Rutland Weekend Television. Por cá deram-lhe o pouco inspirado título de "Os tevetas". Foram seus criadores Eric Idle (um dos Python) e o já desaparecido Neil Innes.

Toda a trama anda em torno de um imaginário canal de televisão. Os sketchs são hilariantes. Muitos deles seriam, pura e simplesmente, cancelados.

Este é o meu preferido. É sobre um ator de filmes pronográficos que, no dia-a-dia, tem um mais que respeitável emprego.


A letra é mais ou menos isto:

This man to all appearances is an ordinary man You wouldn't think to look at him that he had a single fan The dirty mackintosh brigade passing by without a glance Yet if he took off his clothes right now he'd be pumped by all at once Yes He's the Star of the Sexy Movies (yeah) though his life hidden by the grip (ooh) Wherever he goes when he's wearing clothes nobody recognizes him He's Mr. King as the Milkman in "Peeping Tom Came Too" He played the alcoholic in "Bathroom Frolics" and the bishop in "Kind of Blue" We never saw his face in "The Dirty Boat Race" with the Oxford and Cambridge Cox He was the one with a friend in "Third From The End" who never took off his socks Yes He's the Star of the Naughty Movies oh what a life he's lead On the fancy springs did all kinds of things He's the King of the king-sized bed Played Hell Hung Roger in "The Artful Lodger" and Brian in "Whips Ahoy" (Whips Ahoy) He was Wicked Keith in "Sex Without Teeth" the one with the vicar and the big blonde boy He played the lead in "She Stayed And Peeped" though his part was rather small (hoo) And it was tiny too in "The Girls Who..... Do" you could hardly even see it at all Yes He's the Star of the Dirty Movies and at night they film away When the morning comes he rejoins his chums a policeman during the day Yes He's the Star of the Sexy Movies with the first class tissy of shame When he's back on the beat he's kind of sleek a policeman during the day oh yeah "Evening all."

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